Monday, January 18, 2010

Hey, I'm gonna start a blog!

(and then neglect it entirely)

The story of my life.

We are slowly healing from our Big Move, and getting a basic running routine to be a daily event. Jeremiah started a blog. It is currently dictated, but hopefully it will be self-written at some point as his fluency continues to develop.

I did not post eloquently about his birthday, which passed quietly on January 3rd. He is a fierce, nimble, bright five year old. At one moment, I am startled by the sudden sophistication of his mind, and reminded, in the next of how very young he is, and how much he needs and struggles to express. He takes karate lessons at a wonderful neighborhood school. He is enthusiastic, active, but seems to have inherited my lack of grace and overabundance of self-consciousness. He is unhurried to pursue his stripes at his own pace.

We are undecided about school. I have thrown around the idea of homeschooling (unschooling, really) for probably four years now, and now that his first school year looms closer, I find myself less certain than ever. I think I mostly feel that it is right to keep him close for another year, at least, but I fear those who feel it would be best for him to get 'practice' at school (and away from Mama) as soon as possible.

I see the value in waiting to let him be socialized until he's old enough to understand the value of being socialized. Chris simply dislikes our school options here, and to that end we are searching a quieter, greener situation north of the MD/PA line.

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  1. That video is toooo cute. K loved it too - the little one. He cried when it ended. We miss you!