Sunday, October 18, 2009

Newborn (or Tummy) Hip Cross Carry

Probably my favorite newborn front carry. It is called the Newborn HCC because it evolved from the HCC. It's essentially the same carry -- just in a slightly different orientation.

There are doubtlessly other (and better) videos of this carry on the 'net, but this one is mine. ^_^

I like this carry for a number of reasons...

1) It's pretied. If mama (or daddy) is coming from a stretchy wrap background, this is familiar ground.
2) It uses a short wrap. I can eek it out with a 2.7m, and I'm not wee.
3) It's comfy under a coat, and good to tie in wet, muddy parking lots. Both of these relate strongly to #2.
4) The same carry allows for the baby to be a number of positions: upright, cradled, and even facing out (legs in)

I didn't imagine this to be my first *real* blog post, but I am happy to share it.


  1. Awesome! Now I just need a newborn to try it with. :) Nancy

  2. Hey, Nancy! You should ask Arie -- she seems to have a good source of newborns to swipe. ^_^

    (and thanks for my Very First Comment! *love*)

  3. Thanks for posting this. I am going to try this out today!